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Rubs & Sauces

Lil’ Miss Tang

This is our original recipe BBQ sauce which is Kansas City inspired. It is sweet and tangy with mild heat and smokiness. 


Arizona Red

A southwestern BBQ sauce that is slightly smoky, with strong notes of ancho chili and cumin. 

Jalapeno Molasses

Our most popular BBQ sauce. Made with blackstrap molasses and fresh jalapeno peppers. This sauce is sweet, with a hint of cinnamon, followed by a medium to hot jalapeno finish. 

Bone Lickin’ Mustard

This is a sweet, tangy, garlicky BBQ mustard with a medium heat level. 


Flyin' Hog Rub

A sweet savory blend of spices used on our pork, chicken and fries. 

Holy Cow Beef Rub

A savory blend of spices used on our brisket and  burgers.

Sauces $12 each 3 for $30

Rubs $8 each 2 for $14

6 Pack $49 your choice 4 sauces & 2 rubs (mix & match)

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